We all want to live a healthy, fulfilled life. For many of us, the path to that reality begins in the kitchen. With nutrition so intrinsically connected to our physical and mental wellbeing, learning to cook is a crucial life skill, and one that enables people to feed themselves both affordably and well.

While much of the education on food technology and nutrition can be learned inside a classroom, excursions outside a formal learning setting offer students the opportunity to connect their understanding of food with the real world. By taking students on a food technology and nutrition school trip, your students will be exposed to a broader range of cooking techniques, ingredients, and culinary innovation, as they explore the entire food production process from farm to table.

In this blog, we've hand-picked eight exceptional food technology school trips to help ignite your students’ passion for nutrition and the culinary arts. From immersive farm experiences to cutting-edge food factories, each destination opens a world of culinary discovery. Get ready to tantalise your group’s taste buds, and inspire budding chefs with these unparalleled culinary adventures.


Food technology school trips to Lido di Jesolo

What better place to explore Italian cuisine than between Lido di Jesolo & Venice? Our food technology school trips to this indulgent region can combine visits to a local cheese factory, agriturismo (local farm stay), and/or a pasticerria (Italian bakery).

Because our itinerary combines plenty of food inspired activities with a good dose of culture, architecture, and history, not only will your group return inspired by the local cuisine, but they will also come home having discovered one of the most unique and famous cities in the world. With the added bonus of a day trip spent exploring the stunning islands of Venice, this well-rounded experience for student groups is one not to be missed.

Excursions include: Cheese factory visit, biscuit making, pastry demonstration, Italian meals, pizza evening.


Food technology school trips to Barcelona

Home to incredible Catalan cuisine and culture, Barcelona offers an excellent backdrop for your students to build on their culinary expertise. In expert cookery workshops, they’ll learn how all five senses can contribute to perfecting their cooking skills as they follow recipes and improve their understanding of taste, smell, colour and textures, while a visit to the famous La Boquería food market will inspire your group through new flavours and aromas.

Excursions include: La Boqueria food market, tapas lesson, paella workshop, chocolate museum, Catalan meal.


Food technology school trips to Normandy

Give your students the opportunity to improve their culinary and language skills with a food technology trip to Normandy. Here, you can instil among your group an appreciation for the region’s delicacies, with excursions to several food artisans available.

Whether you decide on a chocolate factory, caramel maker, goats' cheese farm or local cider and Calvados producer, the sheer wealth of gastronomic delights in France’s Normandy region marks it as the perfect destination for a food technology school trip.

Excursions include: Goats cheese farm, cider farm, caramel factory, French market, biscuit shop, boulangerie, chocolatier, French meal.


Food technology school trips to Sorrento

Uncover the secrets of the Mediterranean diet on our food technology school trip to Sorrento, where your students will learn what Italy is most famous for: its delicious, healthy cuisine! This area in particular is famous for its production of citrus fruits, olives and grapes, and there is a distinctive link between the produce grown and the cuisine of the region.

In Sorrento, your group can learn the secrets behind the perfect pizza and pasta with a cookery evening full of authentic Italian recipes, or visit a food factory to learn about the making of gelato, mozzarella, or Italian olive oil. With so much history and culinary culture, this food technology trip is bound to excite your students’ minds and taste buds.

Excursions include: Mozzarella farm, coffee and honey factory, ice cream parlour, limoncello factory, pasta factory, pizza making, olive oil factory, cooking school.


Food technology school trips to the Opal Coast

Teach students how the quality of raw ingredients contributes to the final product on a food technology trip to the Opal Coast, where your group can enjoy several culinary tours in French manufacturing plants and factories. They’ll love our excursions to an expert chocolate maker, a local bakery and a snail farm, where they’ll learn the professional chef secrets of cooking French delicacies before being invited for an optional tasting session. With so many types of food demonstrations on offer, your students are guaranteed to return with an improved knowledge of French gastronomy.

Excursions include: Boulangerie, chocolate maker, snail farm, sweet factory tour, French meal.


Food technology school trips to Valencia

What better place to study food technology than the home of paella? A school trip to Valencia wouldn’t be complete without a cookery workshop, where your students will learn the secrets of the region’s favourite dish. There will also be opportunities to visit local orange groves and an olive oil factory, while a stroll through Valencia’s Central Market will allow your group to discover previously unknown flavours and aromas. If you get a chance, try a horchata, a drink made from tiger nuts, which is exclusive to Valencia.

Excursions include: Olive oil tour, cooking lesson, orange grove tour, Spanish meal.



Food technology school trips to Greece

With mouthwatering delicacies from souvlaki and Greek pastries to locally produced specialities such as honey, vinegars and fresh olive oil, visits to Greece’s Attika region are always popular among our food technology school groups. While you’re away, your students can gain inspiration from the many marketplaces around Athens, learn to enhance their dishes with fresh spices, and even cook Greek dishes from scratch.

Excursions include: Street food tour, cookery lesson, honey factory, winery, Plaka visit, Greek meal.


Food technology school trips to Sicily

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily’s rich cultural heritage make it an exceptional destination for a food technology school trip, offering students an abundance of exciting learning opportunities in nutrition and cooking.  This school trip has been carefully curated to provide a broad educational experience for your group, covering food and nutrition in both local (pizza making; granita tasting) and industrial (cannolo laboratory; orange plantation) contexts. Students can also shop for local handicrafts in Giardini Naxos, visit the ancient town of Taormina, and explore the island's diverse natural landscapes, such as Mount Etna.

Excursions: Pizza making, honey laboratory, cannolo laboratory, buffet lunch.


Ready for your next food technology school trip?

Our carefully curated itineraries promote a broader understanding of cuisines, ingredients, nutrition, and techniques, helping to develop your students’ skills in the kitchen. Whether it’s through visiting state-of-the-art factories, engaging with local farmers, or experiencing the vibrant energy of bustling food markets, each excursion is sure to ignite curiosity, encourage discussions on nutrition, and inspire future food enthusiasts.

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