Educational school trips

At Equity, we believe that learning outside the classroom is an essential part of education. That’s why we work hard to provide curriculum-based trips for schools, each one specifically designed to bring your teaching to life.

We’ve been providing groups with inspiring school trips since 1933. Learning has been at the heart of our company ever since. It’s something we instil into all of our tours; each one of our school trips is developed alongside the teachers we work with. From the UK to overseas, the educational needs of your group are always kept front of mind.

That’s not to say we don’t know how to add a little fun. We know that your students need to maintain their excitement for their trip away, which is why we offer plenty of opportunities for them to let their hair down too.

Below, you'll find the subjects we cover on our educational tours. With school trips suitable for Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level groups, and equivalent, there's something to fulfil all UK curricular learning objectives.

Art & Design trips

Explore some of the world's most renowned galleries with our art and design school trips, which present abundant opportunities for your students to delve into their chosen specialism.

Whether they're budding photographers, graphic designers, or fine artists, you'll find plenty to inspire them whether you opt to discover Gaudi's incredible influence on Barcelona, world-renowned artists in London or New York, or the birth of the Renaissance in Florence.

Business Studies trips

Whether it's Brussels, London or New York, visiting one of the world’s most influential business hubs provides excellent opportunities to meet your group's learning objectives.

Excursions to business centres and financial districts will encourage your students' knowledge and understanding of contemporary business issues, as they see for themselves the impact of business on individuals and wider society across local, national and global contexts.

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From the temples of the Acropolis, to the ruins of Pompeii and Rome's Colosseum, our classics school trips offer several excursion options to complement your Greco-Roman teachings.

By examining these remarkable ancient civilisations in their original locations, your students will receive new perspectives from which to reflect on issues relevant to both the classical world and today, such as questions of gender, belief, sexuality, and citizenship.

English Trips

Take a trip to London or Stratford Upon Avon and uncover the many locations that inspired some of the world's greatest authors on our English school trips.

Trips can be tailored to KS3, GCSE and A Level student groups, who can experience hands-on learning through museums, workshops and theatres, all of which bring the written word to life. 

Enrichment Trips

Immerse your students in the cultural and cross-curricular experiences of our enrichment trips, which offer well-rounded learning opportunities for all ages.

Our enrichment tours can also be tailored to end-of-year or end-of-school reward trips – just let us know your objectives upon enquiry and we'll work with you to create something that suits you.

Film & media Trips

Challenge your students' skills in theory and practice with our film and media school trips, where they can walk in the footsteps of filmmakers, journalists and, marketers to better understand the inner workings of the media world.

Hollywood, California may be the most obvious choice for a trip like this, however students can benefit from film and media trips to London or New York too, as they compare world-class media products across a range of genres, and visit film locations in these two global cities.


From the delicious aromas of Spanish cuisine and the rich flavours of Italian food, to the farm-to-table approach of northern France, students can discover a variety of culinary secrets on our food technology tours.

Groups who share a passion for cooking will love visits to farms, factories and workshops, which offer the chance to practise cooking with new foods, flavours, and techniques – further enhancing their skills and encouraging their creativity once back in the classroom.

French Language Trips

With immersion being one of the best ways to enhance language learning, there's no better way to encourage your students' linguistic skills than to take them to France itself!

On our French language trips, students will have the chance to practise conversation with native language speakers across different contexts, allowing them to perfect their listening, speaking and pronunciation skills. With signage, menus, and noticeboards in restaurants, galleries and museums also in French, there are ample opportunities for your students to improve their reading skills while they enjoy French culture.

Geography Trips

An integral part of the study of geography, a trip abroad gives students the opportunity to see some of Earth's magnificent geographical wonders first hand.

On our geography school trips, students can learn about economic change, sustainability, tourism, volcanic landforms, tectonic activity and much more; we've ensured our excursions in our geography itineraries are relevant across the curriculum, and can tailor your trip accordingly.

german Language Trips

On a German language school trip, students will have every opportunity to practise their conversation skills and listening skills, courtesy of interactions with native speakers.

Our itineraries are full of activities and excursions that will enhance your students' appreciation of Germany's rich history and culture, with each new environment offering a selection of new words or phrases to add to their German vocabularies.

History Trips

Develop your students' understanding of key events, periods, and societies in distant and recent times on our history school trips, where they can explore diverse examples of the human experience.

In Europe, you'll find a wealth of historical sites to complement teachings of the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War, and the Renaissance. Across the pond, trips to the United States will teach students about immigration, the civil rights movement and the evolution of democracy. Whatever your needs, Equity can design an itinerary that works for your history learning objectives.

Politics Trips

Encourage your students to develop their enthusiasm for politics by taking them on a school trip that encompasses your specific learning objectives.

From the White House in Washington D.C., to Downing Street and Westminster Abbey a little closer to home in London, our politics school trips offer the perfect backdrop to give your students an informed understanding of modern political structures, ideas, and institutions.

Religious Studies

Visit world-renowned sacred sites and give your students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of principal world religions on a religious studies school trip.

Two of the most devoutly Catholic regions in the world, Krakow and Rome both offer ample learning opportunities for your pupils, who can deepen their understandings of how religion and ethical beliefs have influenced lives and events throughout history to the present day.

Spanish Language Trips

Uncover the diversity of Spain's incredible history when you take your group on a Spanish language school trip, where students can discover the influences on the country's colourful culture through time.

Whether you opt to travel to Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona or Seville, each corner of Spain offers something unique, as well as plenty of excursions to help students boost their Spanish language skills.

STEM Trips

Enhance your school group's understanding across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics on our STEM school trips, which feature excursions to world-class research centres and museums.

Learning through interaction is a recurring theme across all our STEM trips, offering your students the opportunity to explore concepts and ideas in new and exciting environments.

Travel & Tourism Trips

What better way to demonstrate the application of travel and tourism in the real world than by taking your school group on a trip themselves?

On our travel and tourism trips, your group will explore world-class destinations where they can analyse the ways development influences tourism, and explore in depth the different sectors that make up the industry.

With our specialist knowledge of creating bespoke trips with specific learning objectives, our account managers can offer itineraries that will fill your school trip with memories to last a lifetime.

Get in touch with us to discuss your plans for an upcoming trip, and we'll find something that suits your every need.