Supporting our children’s mental health is paramount. Travelling to the mountains can be the perfect mental getaway your students need. From the fresh, crisp mountain air to the release of endorphins through physical exercise, the mental health benefits of a school ski trip are undeniable. 

Light at the end of the tunnel

Having spent the past six months in lockdown, with many students being confined to their local area, it’s likely many are eager to experience new adventures and learn new skills. Booking a school ski trip for the future, will give your students something to look forward to, in the run-up to their departure. 

Boosted heart health

Aerobic and cardiovascular exercise through skiing and snowboarding is proven to reduce the levels of the body’s stress hormones, whilst in return, stimulate the production of endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that act as handy mood elevators. Alongside boosting your mood levels, a weeks’ worth of snowsports is guaranteed to elevate your fitness, meaning your group will feel the results for a while, even after arriving back home. 

Increased confidence

Whether students in your group have skied before or are completely new to the sport, learning or improving at a sport is an invaluable way to develop your student’s confidence. You may also find that some students who lack enthusiasm for PE back home, gain a newfound passion for snowsports when experiencing the thrill of making their way successfully down a slope for the first time. 

Stronger connections

Through group-based activities, sharing experiences and spending a week or two with their classmates in a different country, your students will strengthen their connections, plus make new friends along the way – boosting overall happiness!

The great outdoors

Nothing beats the outstanding beauty of the mountains, no matter whether you’re in North America or the European Alps. Taking in those panoramic views and breathing in the fresh mountain air is rejuvenating for the mind and soul. 

Feel those rays

Clear blue skies also known as ‘bluebird’ days in the world of winter getaways, are every skier’s/snowboarder’s dream. Research has shown that vitamin D, which is produced from sunrays plays an important role in boosting mood and warding off depression. So, pack those goggles and plaster on the sun cream – we’re on our way to the mountains!