• We’re departing in the next few weeks, is my rooming confirmed?

    We always endeavour to inform groups of their rooming arrangements as soon as they are made available to us. Most accommodations are not able to finalise rooming arrangements until relatively close to departure, and in some instances stipulate that rooming will be allocated on arrival. In these cases, we can usually provide a provisional rooming list, which may be subject to change.

  • What is meant by the term ‘bed share’?

    In certain destinations, particularly America, the standard rooming arrangement is 4 people per room, sharing 2 double beds. Therefore, the default allocation is for people of the same gender to share a double bed. Although opting for bed share does minimise expense, we understand that it is not a suitable option for some schools and are happy to organise alternative rooming arrangements as a supplement.

  • Our breakdown of staff includes one male and one female. Will we be charged extra for single rooms?

    Supplements always apply for single rooms. However, if you do know in advance that you will have a gender mix requiring single rooms, then the cost can be incorporated into your tour price at the provisional booking stage. Please discuss this with your account manager.

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