Change of Numbers

  • What happens if my group numbers decrease?

    Depending on the date of the cancellation, you will be charged the relevant cancellation fee as per the table above. If numbers fall below the quoted minimum group size, a small party supplement will apply.

  • What happens if my group numbers increase?

    We will always endeavour to accommodate increases in group size. Please be aware that adding extra passengers may have overall cost implications, e.g. if additional flight seats are more expensive, or if a larger coach is required.

  • Can I bring extra adults, in excess of my free place ratio?

    You are welcome to bring extra adults if you want to. Either these adults can pay for their place separately as paying passengers, or the cost can be divided across the students, increasing their overall tour price. Extra adult supplements may also apply, in addition to the basic tour price.

  • What free place ratio do you offer?

    We offer standard free place ratios of 1:10 on air tours and day trips, and 1:8 on coach tours. These can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

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