To the world you may be a teacher but to us you are a superhero!

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From the Equity Command Centre...


Teachers possess many super powers. They have X-Ray Vision to see a student’s hidden potential and Endless Energy to inspire young minds. Using extraordinary abilities like these, teachers bring students beyond the confines of the classroom to broaden horizons, unleash students’ abilities and transform the everyday into the extraordinary.

Like a faithful side-kick we have been supporting teachers to be superheroes since 1933 – that’s before Superman or Batman donned their capes! Using our network of global contacts, we have the expert knowledge so teachers can be the superhero their students need.

We’ll help you whisk your students out of the confines of the classroom and into unforgettable adventures across the world.

Embark on a quest of learning with Equity.


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Don't worry – our very own superpower is flexibility and we can tailor make a tour for you no matter what you teach!
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Atlas du Monde


Studying a world being torn apart by mighty forces only they understand...
Geography Teachers are the planet's superheroes!


Meet Atlas du Monde

(A fellow Geography superhero)

Atlas travels the world studying the power of the planet and teaching about the natural wonders of the world. Giving the next generation a greater understanding of the Earth, its destructive capabilities, its beautiful landscapes, its resources and our impact upon it.

To encourage learning, Geography teachers go out of their way for students, sometimes thousands of miles out of their way. Atlas says to lead your Geography class beneath the surface of these amazing destinations...


Visit Iceland...

...a land of fire and ice where you can see volcanic landscapes, renewable energy and geothermal power.


... for human geography themes, investigating the impact and sustainable legacy of the 1992 Olympic Games.

Try Naples & Sorrento...
Naples & Sorrento reveal tectonic hazards, resource management, the impact of tourism on coastal landscapes and geomorphology.

West Coast USA...
West Coast USA

...see the contrasts of a desert biosphere in Death Valley, to the river landforms of the Grand Canyon.



There are more layers to discover...

Geography teachers know that studying the very ground we walk on needs to be done in the field.
Equity provides great trips that allow teachers to give their students a route map to success.

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Explaining how the events of the past connect with the present...
History Teachers hold the lessons of time!


Meet Horologus

(A fellow History superhero)

Older than the Pyramids, Horologus is immortal, a keeper of the wisdom of history. Teaching how our world was shaped and the people involved, showing the future generation how their present was made in the past.

The past is a different country and visiting sites of historic events is an invaluable asset to any student of history. Horologus suggests to travel back in time with your students in these iconic locations...


The Somme and Ypres...
Somme & Ypres

...visit the WW1 battlefields to see the impact on local communities; a soldier’s life and the modern day legacy of the war.

Battle-scarred Berlin...

...see the rise of Nazism, the cradle of the Cold War and their lasting impression upon the world.

See old New York for...
New York immigration shaped America, the financial disaster of the Great Depression and the civil rights movement.

London's past...

...explore the Tudor Dynasty, Restoration England and the devastating effect of World War Two.



History in the making...

Exploring historic landmarks brings the past to life for your students in a way the classroom never can.
Equity helps teachers make amazing trips that will stay long in their students’ memories.

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Peter Pallette is the Creator

Art & Design

Revealing a fantastical world of style and form where all is not as it seems...
Art & Design Teachers are creative superheroes!

Meet Peter Palette

(A fellow Art & Design superhero)

Bringing his paintings and sculptures to life – Peter Palette is The Creator. His visions are not confined to the canvas or the gallery, they make their way into the real world. He teaches how to see things differently. One sweep of his paintbrush and a new universe is born.

Using their extraordinary powers, all Art & Design teachers ignite young minds and initiate a global quest for knowledge. Ingenuity is key and The Creator knows an Art & Design trip to one of these fantastic cities is a master stroke...


Discover New York...

...demonstrate how meanings, ideas and intentions can be communicated through visual and tactile language.

Picture Perfect Paris...

... develop creative, imaginative and intuitive capabilities with the Louvre's masterpieces and Centre Pompidou.

Venture to Venice...
Venice develop knowledge and understanding in historical & contemporary contexts, societies and cultures at baroque palaces.


Gain an awareness of the intentions and functions of art in the Bauhaus Archive Museum and the East Side Gallery.



There's more to be revealed...

Inspiration is what creativity is all about and what could be more inspiring to your students than seeing great works of art first hand?
Equity helps teachers to animate their students’ imagination on tours that resonate and invigorate.

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Esperanto Lingo


In their battle against the language barrier...
Language & Culture Teachers are communication superheroes!


Meet Esperanto Lingo

(A fellow Language & Culture superhero)

Fluent in all languages, Esperanto uses her powers of communication to show how cultures and languages are more than just words on a page. There is no substitute for learning a language in its native environment, it will reveal how local sayings and customs are linked through language.

Teachers can make their students the talk of the town by immersing them in a foreign language and culture trip. Esperanto says you can ensure nothing gets lost in translation for your students in these ideal cultural locations...


Say ‘Bonjour’ to Paris…

...parle parfaitement in the capital of culture to develop awareness and understanding of French society and identity.

Erleben Sie Deutsche Kultur...

...develop your students’ passion for German language and help increase terminology with a trip to culturally rich Rhineland.

Inspira do en Madrid…
New York

...encourage conversational skills with friendly locals in the diverse capital city of Spain, magnificent Madrid.

Lingua e la cultura Italiana...

...communicate in authentic Italian in a variety of situations and absorb the vibrant and historic culture of Rome.



There's more to talk about...

Great teachers know that engaging with fluent speakers of a language in diverse environments will improve their students’ language skills enormously.
Equity helps make great tours that will keep students talking for a long time.

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Jonny Power (aka Captain Strength)


With endless energy and steely determination...
Sports teachers are motivational superheroes!

Meet Jonny Power (aka Captain Strength)

(A fellow Sports superhero)

An incredible motivator and team builder, Captain Strength got his name not only for his feats of physical endurance but for instilling mental resilience to his students. Showing how a sporting education also transfers into life skills, he teaches his teams about winning ways and attitudes.

Sports teachers know training is just the start and give strength and encouragement that enables their students to excel. Captain Strength says you can build your team spirit with Equity in these inspirational venues...


Platja d’Aro, Spain...
Platja d'Aro

...excellent facilities to develop footballing flair with RCD Espanyol coaches and improve hockey techniques or bolster basketball skills.

Serre Chevalier, French Alps...
Serre Chevalier confidence in your students on our action-packed watersports trip to Lake Serre Ponçon in the French Alps.

Sotogrande, Southern Spain...

...with Gibraltar nearby, it’s easy to arrange competitive netball, rugby, hockey and football fixtures against local teams.

Lake Garda, Italy...
Lake Garda

...a true multisports experience with options for rugby, netball and Pro football with AC Milan, all in a stunning location.




Still to come in the second half...

Sports teachers lead the field by teaching a never give up approach and nurturing a fighting spirit, so their students can be successful.
Equity provides the essential support network to allow great deeds to be done.

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Barry Goodtaste

Food Technology

Feeding their students’ hunger for learning...
Food Technology Teachers are taste superheroes!


Meet Barry Goodtaste (aka Sir Cooksalot)

(a fellow Food Technology superhero)

Creating amazing meals and armed with a NutriBullet, Sir Cooksalot is fast-food intolerant. With the finest ingredients and recipes from Europe he shows the culinary journey from farm to table, explaining why cultures and cuisine are inextricably linked.

Great Food Technology teachers whet their student’s appetite for learning by bringing their interest to the boil. Sir Cooksalot knows these locations will make a mouth-watering school trip experience.



...brimming with the tastiest tapas and paella’s, the fantastic La Boqueria food market and Catalan cookery workshops.

Opal Coast...
Opal Coast a country market see the fresh produce that influences local delicacies, visit a snail farm or bake in a traditional boulangerie.

Naples & Sorrento...
Naples & Sorrento

...visit a working farm to taste mozzarella cheese, enjoy a pizza making demonstration, or see how iconic Italian coffee is produced.


...visit artisan producers, including a chocolate factory, goats' cheese farm and local cider and calvados (apple brandy) makers.



There’s one more course...

Great teachers whip up a winning recipe for their students with a buffet of learning benefits.
Equity provides the perfect ingredients to make a mouth-watering school trip experience.

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Unveiling the language of numbers and how they are the codes behind the cosmos...
Maths Teachers are calculation superheroes!

Meet Triganomatron

(a fellow Maths superhero)

Triganomatron views the world as a series of codes, equations and formulas. Numbers are his language. He teaches how Maths is all around, hidden in the buildings that surround us, in the traffic that speeds by us, in the phones we communicate with - it is the code the universe is built on. Once you know the code there is no limit to where you can go!

Maths teachers know the correct formula that results in successful students. Knowing exactly what is needed on your trip is essential and Triganomatron has calculated that these amazing locations add up to the perfect Maths tour...


Numerical New York...
New York

...for the National Museum of Mathematics, unique in the USA and make sense of all the cents at the New York Federal Bank.


...visit the CosmoCaixa Science Museum and investigate links between nature and geometry in the city’s Modernist architecture.

Paris astounded by chaos theory and objects in motion at the Cité des Sciences, or visit the Eiffel Tower - an engineering masterpiece!

London the properties of rectilinear shapes at Westminster or visit the Winton Gallery at the Science Museum to see how maths has shaped our world.



In addition...

Teachers know that a Maths tour is far more than the sum of its parts.
Finding the answer to exactly what you require on your trip is what Equity do best.

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Science Hero



Finding the forces of the universe...
Science Teachers are discovery superheroes!

Meet Felicity Learningstone

(a fellow Science superhero)

From her Laboratory of Discovery, Felicity is at the centre of all learning, harnessing the powers of physics, chemistry and biology. Teaching the wonders of the world to encourage further discovery, her thirst for knowledge is endless.

Science teachers know that scientific discovery is a collaborative venture, built upon challenging existing knowledge and taking nothing for granted. Felicity has tested where is best for Science tours and these amazing locations are the answer...


London energy and genetics at the Science Museum or natural selection and organisms and their environment at the Natural History Museum.


...see the jaw-dropping launch and landing facilities at the Kennedy Space Centre or study the history of the universe at the Disney Epcot Centre.


...learn about the universe, energy, technology and much more in the biggest science museum in Europe, the Cité des Sciences.


...experience a Wilson cloud chamber at the House of Science or discover what it feels like to be weightless in space at the Euro Space Centre!



There's more to discover...

Teachers know that a science trip is an experiment that always yields surprising results.
Unexpected lessons and unforeseen benefits are what makes them so worthwhile and Equity is proud to be a part of this learning and exploration.

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Tempo Libretto



Making music come to life with live performances...
Music Teachers are sonic superheroes!

Meet Tempo Libretto

(a fellow Music superhero)

A virtuoso musician, when Tempo plays it never fails to lift people's mood. He travels the world, inspiring everyone he meets to learn an instrument and teaching the power of music. His ultimate goal is to create a Global Orchestra – a planet full of musicians.

Amplifying the great work of their students, teachers work in harmony alongside them, so they will strike the right chord on a music tour. Tempo knows your group can hit the high notes with a Music tour to these amazing locations…


A concert in Ypres...

...experience the humbling Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate and play in the Grote Markt in Ypres town centre.

Costa Brava...
Costa Brava

...perform in outdoor festivals with appreciative audiences along the Catalan coast or at the Monastery of Montserrat.


...for stunning concert settings such as La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur and Notre-Dame Cathedral or play at the Disney Hotel.

Lake Garda...
Lake Garda

...for choirs and concert bands with a sacred repertoire, play in the Parish churches of Riva and Lavis.



And for an encore...

A live concert is a powerful experience for both the audience and the musicians.
An Equity music tour is designed to make sure it’s the perfect ensemble.

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Madame Morpho

Performing Arts

Playing many roles to get the best out of their students...
Performing Arts Teachers are drama superheroes!

Meet Madame Morpho

(a fellow Performing Arts superhero)

A master of disguise and mimicry, Madame Morpho can change her voice, her physicality and create moods through physical expression. Using the disciplines of dance and drama, she teaches how the body can be the ultimate expressive instrument.

Great teachers put their students in the spotlight so they can shine and perfect their craft. Madame Morpho knows your group can steal the show with a Performing Arts tour to these incredible locations...


New York...
New York

...for choreography with Steps on Broadway, learn the Martha Graham Technique or ‘Method’ acting at the Strasberg Theatre.


...great workshops in a city famous for its international Street Theatre and innovative Contemporary Dance.

Lake Garda...
Lake Garda

...Commedia dell’Arte is popular for Drama groups and Dancers have a choice of specialisations ranging from hip-hop to jazz.


...go behind-the-scenes at the Paris Opera, see a French play with English surtitles and perfect technique in tailor-made workshops.



For the next act...

Making all the world a stage for their students is what great teachers do.
Equity is part of the supporting cast helping to make an unforgettable performance.

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