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Hockey trips with Equity

Hockey dates back to the Middle Ages in Scotland, the Netherlands, and England. At the turn of the 21st century, the game is played globally, with particular popularity throughout western Europe, Australasia and the Indian subcontinent where it is recognised as the national sport of India and Pakistan. Participation is now fairly evenly balanced between men and women.We can recommend trips to:


Our most popular Hockey tours

C.R.E.P.S Ile de France

in France

C.R.E.P.S Ile de France Situated around the outskirts of Paris and retained by the French…


in Holland

‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands There is no better destination for your school Hockey tour than the European…

Atalaya Park

in Spain

Atalaya Park, Spain An impressive resort with top class on-site sport and leisure facilities, Atalaya…

Albir Garden Resort

in Spain

Albir Garden Resort, Spain Albir Garden Resort is chosen every year by Olympic athletes and…

Other tours

We can also arrange Hockey trips to: