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Top 5 Apps for Sports Tours

Make sure you are tour ready with our top 5 rated sports tour apps


Waterlogged App

1. Waterlogged App

Making sure you and your students keep hydrated throughout your sports tour is a number one priority in tour prep and whilst you are on tour. Features include alerts when you need to consume more water and shows how many litres you should be and are currently consuming. This app will ensure that children are maintaining hydration levels whilst engaging in physical activity whatever the weather.

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I.C.E App

2. I.C.E App

Being prepared for all kinds of emergencies when at home and abroad is essential. The free app can hold emergency contacts such as parents, doctor and local medical services and list of allergies about all your students and staff to ensure all party members have a safe tour.

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3. Teamstuff

If you’re looking for the easiest way to manage your team both on and off tour then Team Stuff is the app for you. Teamstuff App takes away the stress and paperwork and allows you to record previous scores, goal scorers, man of the match, team tactics and squad members. Managing your team on tour has never been easier.

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4. ParentComms

The ParentComms app offers the chance for parents to stay connected with their children’s schools. All parents can download the free app and subscribe to any information from their children’s school and their trip. The constant updated app will allow both your tour leader and parents to request and receive information, share photos and send reminders of travel details and tour payments. An easy to use app that allows both teachers and parents to stay connected whatever location they are in.

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5. CoachNote

The useful app CoachNote is a fun and easy app that is useful for creating sports drills, strategies and tactics. You can create, save and even share your sports tactics with your students, fellow coaches and use prior and when you return from your sports tour. The range of colours and features allows students to engage in the coaches ideas and are easily transferred to the sports pitch.

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