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Food from around the world – Bay of Naples & Sorrento

The Bay of Naples & Sorrento is renowned for its exquisite cuisine. We highly recommend this area for a food technology trip as students can partake in visits to an Ice Cream, Coffee, Chocolate or Olive Oil factory as well as a Mozzarella Farm. You can also watch authentic pizza and pasta making demonstrations.

On a trip to Sorrento and Positano last year I found this area is famous for...


Beautiful, yellow, large lemons are grown throughout this region. Most famously used in Limoncello, of course, this isn’t too exciting for the students but that doesn’t mean teachers can’t bring a few bottles back to the UK. Also – the lemon ice drinks available on the back of carts and stall is a great way to refresh in the Italian heat.


Sweet, tear drop tomatoes called the Piennolo del Vesuvio are grown at the base of Mt Vesivius, while the tomatoes grown on the isle of Capri, a short boat trip from Sorrento, are an heirloom shape with lots of ridges.


The streets of Sorrento are streaming with Gelaterias offering every flavour you can think of. My favourite flavours are Nutella and Caramel.

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