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Easter Sunday Refugee Concert in Berlin

Over 30 pupils from Holt School Girl’s Choir travelled to Krakow and Berlin to perform concerts, spending four nights in Krakow and performing two concerts whilst there. Whilst in Poland they visited the camps at Auschwitz Birkenau.

They then travelled by coach to Berlin where they first performed two concerts and then, a very special third Easter Sunday Concert that took place in a refugee centre, run by the Berliner StadtMission in Spandau/Berlin.

The students sung and brought cheer to many of the 1000 refugees who have fled present day tyranny.

Some quotes below from event organisers highlight the impact of the event.

“Thank you very much for your offer to give an concert on Easter Sunday. Our refugees at the refugee Centre Mertensstraße will be delighted to hear your music”, from Katja Kattillus at the Refugee Centre.

“Please find attached some photos from the Berlin refugee centre. It is an extraordinary place, housing 1000 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Eritrea. They are very excited about the choir's visit, I think the girls will have a memorable experience..,” from Misha Aster in Berlin.

“Also Nicholas, I've confirmed with our head teacher and leadership team about the concert at the mission and they have agreed it will be a lovely thing to do. I've told the girls today and they were very excited about it as well. Thank you for arranging it again.” Michelle Worthington, Conductor & Party Leader.

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