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Equity supporting the Kingsley Ski Team

At Equity we are passionate about the development of young people and what can be achieved through sport. We are proud to have helped the Kingsley Ski Team by sponsoring skis and jackets for their school ski team.

The school now has 18 girls in the race squad and 16 girls in the development squad.

Last month the group qualified their Year 8 team and an open age team through to the English Schools Championships which were held in Norwich at the beginning of October. They also made the top 3 for The Coventry and Warwickshire School Sports Team of the Year.

Ski team manager Alan Edwards has said, “this would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship from Equity.”

We wish the girls all the best for their upcoming events and future skiing endeavours.


The Holy Cross School from Zambia travel to the UK with Equity

Every now and again you have a moment here at Equity when you realise just how much what we all do on a daily basis means to the people that travel with us. This happened to me recently. Standing aside Sister Lillian, and a group of Zambian children, watching the autumn waves crash into the pebbles here in Brighton. ‘This is the first time our children have seen the sea’ she explained ‘that is why they are all so excited.’

A few months ago I received an enquiry from a group in Zambia. Sister Hilda and Sister Rita organise this trip every year for a selected number of students from the Holy Cross school in Zambia. The sisters of the Holy Cross have been in Zambia since 1935, their aim is to evangelize and continue the mission and vision of Jesus Christ in Zambia. They are mostly involved with the development of education and health. They mainly work with the poor in ill-equipped government hospital and schools.

The Sisters of the Holy Cross also run a girl’s secondary school in the Western Province on behalf of the Diocese of Mongu. The sisters provide education and care for over 600 rural girls who are orphaned or from one parent families. Some of girls walk up to 22km just to get to school. These are just a small number of the wonderful things the sisters do to help children in the local areas.

For the above reasons and more, I was excited to be able to help the sisters create a fantastic and memorable trip for their children. It was a truly humbling experience to meet a group of children who were so fascinated by everything they saw. They were so grateful and well behaved. My colleague Stevie did an amazing job delivering such a fantastic tour for the children. 

It was lovely to imagine that, for these children, this was a pioneering experience. A moment that they would take with them into their futures, and convey to their families and friends upon their return. The feeling as the plane left the ground, throwing a stone into the sea, getting a picture on the pier and waving away seagulls so they didn’t steal your chips!

Living in Brighton, we think little of the fleeting sight of the sea in the corner of our eye. For most of us, we see our sea every day. But for these young people these moments were unique.

I guess that is what our company is really all about, encapsulating moments, full of wonder.

Written by International Tours Specialist, Mariseth Hawkey

Equity would like to thank everyone involved in making this trip possible, including Plan My School Trip, who put the school in touch with our International Team.

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