Inspiration for learning outside the classroom

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Safety on the slopes

At Equity, we have been operating school trips for more than 82 years and safety is at the heart of everything we do.

Here are some tips for a safe ski trip.

1. Conduct a thorough Risk Assessment

Equity has a strong Safety Management System in place which will help you complete your risk assessment. We can also offer assistance with paperwork required by your Local Authority as well as an Inspection Visit to get to know the area and complete your specific risk assessment. We recommend the School Travel Forum’s Demystifying Risk Assessments.

2. Attend an Inspection Visit

We also regularly conduct Inspection Visits for teachers so they can visit specific areas and hotels before making a decision on which resort to choose. Inspection Visit costs vary but if you go on to book a ski trip with Equity (for 40 paying places), the cost of your Inspection Visit will be subtracted from your school's final invoice.

3. Use only qualified instructors

School groups on an Equity trip receive 2 lessons per day which are conducted by qualified instructors. ESF is one of France’s leading ski schools and instructors are highly qualified.

While of course the mountains have an element of unpredictability there is no safer way to ski or learn to ski than with the type of instructors that take our groups week in week out, know the mountains, can read the conditions and adapt the lessons accordingly.

The marked runs of a ski resort open to the public are patrolled before opening and throughout the day to ensure they are not only safe themselves but that there are no other dangers i.e. an avalanche area which could run onto a slope.

4. On tour support

You can rely on us to get it right in the first place but should the unexpected happen we have the knowledge and the resources to resolve any issues. Once you are on tour, Equity staff are on duty night and day, equipped with full details of your tour and ready to go into action if you need us. Our support service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can rely on us in the event of any problems.

We live by a simple principle “Make it fun but make it safe”, perhaps one reason why almost half a million young people have travelled with Equity.

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